A little Wild Animal Safari at Home

It was Night and befor we went to sleep. M picked up a book from my bookcase. In Search of Wild India by Charlie Pye-Smith. Its a beautifully illustrated book drawing contrasts from the past and the present of the Wild Life in India. You can see in the picture, that M is sitting on the bed.

The beautiful pictures from the book inspired M to make a animal play-space of her own. She went to fetch her Animal miniatures, some colorful marbles, a recycle yoghurt container and a green crepe paper.

All the animals are at their home. Probably Sleeping! I loved the colors of this picture and could not help myself from sharing this on this blog. Although Its not a planned lesson by me. But there is certainly a learning from this exercise. I tried to indulge in her play by asking her- Do you think the camel must be thirsty? Do you know he drinks water once in 15 days?

Here is a little painting by glitters. She told me she is drawing a tree house and the animals will live in her treehouse. Of course on a bed it could become messy. So she had moved to the table to make this.

The containers became cave for the animals. The bigger cats went straight inside. The Aladdin miniature doll is asking people to stop disturbing the sleeping animals.

Goodnight Camel! Goodnight Zebra! Goodnight Aladdin who stops people from disturbing animals!
Goodnight everybody!


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