10 Tips for raising a fruit lover

Are you looking for innovative ways to raise a fruit lover? Then this is a perfect list for you. My family is a fruit lover. M loves to try all kind of fruit and it’s her favorite in-between-the-meals snack. She is Three and has gone through several picky eating phases already and yet she still maintains her liking for fruits.This post will inspire you to use fruits in activities, learning and innovative recipes. Also, some of my tips for raising a fruit lover.

What I love most about the fruit related activities is that- The kids end up eating the fruits in the end! There can’t be any other fun way to add nutritive value to play. In this post real blogger moms share their tips and tricks to make kids love eating fruit , learn and have fun along the way.

1# Start young
 As soon as we got a go ahead for starting semi-solids by our pediatric, We started with all kind of fruit that can be made into pulp. As opposed to the common practice, we did not use a mixer to mash our food. Small lumps and textures made the fruit interesting for my little one. Her favorite fruit includes mashed bananas, mango, apples, pears etc.

2# Opt for Natural and Seasonal fruits
As a parent, I encourage my daughter to try the food in this most natural form. I try to keep out processed can fruit from my kitchen as far as possible. No baby food and no Gerber fruit jars. Only pure and natural fruits.  Best way to introduce fruits to kids are in their natural form. Frankly, I cannot think of eating a fruit from a jar so I choose not to give those to my daughter. I remember carrying a banana to our tips to beach or the mall when M was about one. It served as a best food option when nothing else was available. She loved the freshly mashed banana and we were relieved as parents.

3#  Eating full fruit
 Biting into a ripe fruit is one of the eating pleasures of childhood. The colors and the flavors are so enticing. I taught M about edible and non edible seeds and she made in a point to spit out the seeds in the cherries or the litchis. She loved biting into a ripe guava and try to eat up a full mango. Let your kids discover the real fruit in real form.This can also include a science lesson about seeds and how plants grow from seeds.

4# Fruit Display
Attract kids to try put new fruits by creating attractive display on the dining table. I do a Berry display with all kids of berries like strawberries, raspberry, grapes, gooseberry. It looks irresistible and M has to finish it all.

5# Make fruit salad together
CreativeFamilyfun shares a  fun way to cook with kids. The simplest and most satisfying Fruit salad.

6# Make Innovative Recipes with fruit
A colorful and sweet alternative to junk food.  I love these wonderful recipes by fellow mom blogs-
The Spinach Icecream by Mamasmiles.com
The Strawberry and Creams, Fruit Popsicle and Strawberry and cream Popsicle by WordPlayHouse.com
Muffin Tin Saint Patrick Treat by Jdaniel4mom.com

7#  Crafting with fruits
Here is a wonderful craft of Making fruit mobile by AMomwithalessonplan.com.

8# Learning geometry with fruits
Crafttoart.com share a great way of learning geometry with grapes.

9# Math activity with fruits
Ever heard about Cocktail Maths? You can read all about Learning maths with fruit cocktail at Nurturestore.co.uk

10# Book Reading with fruits
And how about reading a book with the fruits. Here are some interesting book related fruit activities-
Little hands to cook with books by educatorsspinonit.blogspot.com
Making a Tickly Octopus by crafttoart.com
Making a Crown and Ice cream fruit salad while reading The Ice cream King Book by Crafttoart.com


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