World Book Day: Make reading more fun

The world book day is on March 1. As the theme sets in, I ask myself some questions-
How can I inculcate the habit of reading as a part of her every day life?
How can I make reading more interactive?
Does she really listen when I read to her?
Are the books age appropriate?

For a Pre-reader and a Pre-writer it is important that  they develop interest in reading and writing from an early stage. Here is what I do to make reading with my daughter a more interactive experience.

1) The reading nook: We have a small reading nook at our home where she can sit back with a book. She is already starting to recite stories from her recollection of what was read to her and making sense of pictures from the book.  This corner also has a LED light which gives proper light for reading. I keep on rotating books every week. More details on my subsequent posts.

2) Clubbing Writing with Reading:
I have added some books and list papers at her reading corner. This encourages her to write down or draw what she is reading. Last time we were reading a story, she stopped to make a note of all characters in the story. She didn’t even miss the butterflies and the bees in the background.

3) M&M puppets :  Its our greatest innovation-Mom & M’s Puppet made on a straw. These are simply our passport size picture with a small drawing of the body. We can enter all stories and make stories of our own by using these puppets. In my next post I would share a story of Brave M who saved Mom from a shark.

4) Read aloud sessions: We never forget to read at bedtime. These sessions can be brief and last for 5 minutes or may stretch to 30 minutes. I leave that discussion on M.
5) Audio Books: We also listen to audio books of some of our favorite books.
I have surely not answered all questions. It a ongoing process and a journey which I am sharing with you all.
These are just few ways I incorporate reading into our daily lives. How do you do it? Share with me by commenting below or on my Experimenting-Mom facebook page.
Happy reading!

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