Wasted tapes turned into an artwork and then a Suncatcher

I am in a mode of up-cycling things lately with the coming Earth Day setting. I love to look at used items like cups, boxes, packaging, bottle caps etc in a “Lets see, what we can make out of it” way. I am even picking things up from office trash and any place hygienic enough!I am eying everything with a different view- Can it be reused? Should I throw it or save it into our Upcycle Basket. It was one of these moments while cleaning up after our big art project- Abstract art cardboard box mural. That I saw a big bundle of wasted cut tape used for tape resist art . One “That way” look at it and I knew what we can do!  So here is our project about – Wasted tapes turned into an artwork and then a Sun catcher.

Art Note: Introducing Lines through tapes and art materials. Line is one of an element of design. The other elements are-


  • Point



  • Line



  • Form, shape and space



  • Movement



  • Color



  • Pattern



  • Texture


This activity will introduce kids to visual element of lines by reusing tapes.Tapes that can be used for this project is the masking tape/ painters tape or a Doctor’s bandage tape.Here is a picture of used bundle of tapes.

I collected these strips and pasted onto a placement mat. I arranged the strips horizontally onto the paper.

These lines already had some color on it from the previous project. M painted the strips with regular tempera paints. I loved the flow of lines.

These also made a wonderful Sun Catcher for our window.I plan to put these strips on a paper sheet to preserve the art work.

Here are some of our explorations with Tape resist
1) Tape resist art with inks
2) Abstract art cardboard box mural

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