Our Spring Miniature Play-space

Here is a sneak peek of our little Spring play-space. I set up this little play space in a tray at M’s room. The tray has a rainbow which M made using pipe cleaners and clay. Our little fairy workers and a fairy who lives on flowers. There are ladybirds on the metal tree and SPRING spelled with magnetic letters. I have also placed some sight words magnets on the tree. There is also a little bird sitting in its nest.

I have planned some spring activities around this table which can be added on to this table.  Like making  green leaves with messages to all loved one which can be decorated on this tree. Making tissue paper flowers. A pond for the fairies with some frogs. And some paper birds too. Its all left to imagination for now.
As the Fairies are working to bring in the spring. We will see lots of spring-y things added to this space.

 Spring is in the air. Lets do a spring roundup. what say you?
Spring is about Flower and Trees
The Birds and the Bees
The Colors and the rainbows
Our little spring fairies are busy bringing in the spring
At our little play-space we are celebrating spring!


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