Origami Storytellers

I am a great fan of Origami and was looking to start Origami with my three year old daughter. The Artsy-Crafty March challenge on MindfulMeanderings got be started on ORIGAMI

Here is my entry for the Challenge.
We used some Ad pamphlets which we get with the newspaper everyday. They are thin and lightweight.I always use to wonder what to do with them until today that we put them to good use.

First we made a paper fan by simple accordion folding. M carefully turned the paper, folded and flatten it. All by herself. We were very happy with the result and neatly folded fans.
Then just as we were planning on decorating them, the Idea to convert them into storybooks strike me.
Here is one of the story about Airplanes and Sharks.

 Two Airplanes, One Red and One Blue were flying in the sky.
They reached the ocean and said to each other- ” I think we are the biggest things on earth”
A Purple color Shark overheard and came out to say- ” I don’t think you are the biggest things”
 Everyone agreed that the shark is the biggest.
The End

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