Happy Birthday Dr Suess: No-Sew Cat in the Hat Costume for competition at school

On Dr Seuss Birthday, I would like to revisit the ” Home made Cat in the Hat ” I made for my Daughter’s School competition on theme ” Stories come alive”. I feel the homemade costumes have a charm which rented costumes don’t. So I decided to make one up from scratch for us with the props. Unfortunately, I wasn’t blogging then so I didn’t document the process but I will try my best to explain how I made this costume from the scratch.
About the competition:
Mother and the child had to come dress up as their favorite story characters and speak about there choice. We saw entries like princess and the frog, Aladdin and the genie, Snow White and dwarf and many others. We choose to dress up as Cat in the Hat and Thing 2. It was a unique competition where mothers too had to dress up like a story character with the kids.We won a Second Prize for the same.

Character: Cat in the Hat

Characteristics:  The white- black cat with a long black tail, A red bow, An instant recognition through  white-red strip long hat, cat whisker.
Props : Cat in the Hat loves to balance things. Specially the GOLD FISH from the story Cat in the Hat. The props would be the fish in the bowl balancing on a blue umbrella.

Here’s How I made this costume.
The body: I purchased a full sleeve black T-Shirt and tights. To give it a white furry belly, I used a White canvas sport shoes polish. In India, You can find it at any Bata stores. I made several horizontal strokes and left it to dry overnight. This will give you a texture as seen in the photograph. Tail: I used black velvet fabric. Firstly I cut a long strip as per the length of the tail. I glues the edges and added a thin wire inside. I closed the edges with a general sewing using a thread and a needle.

No-Sew Hat: I used a red and white Christmas stocking, a soft cardboard, Double sided tape, scissors and red ribbon. Firstly, I took measurement of M’s head. Accordingly I drew a circle on the cardboard sheet and drew another bigger circle leaving a 2 inch allowance from the smaller circle and cutted this ring with 1/2 inch allowance on the inner side. Now for the hat to be standing, I made a cylinder corresponding to the height of the stocking and  pasted the ring onto the cylinder by gluing the 1/2 inch allowance ( make small notched) so that it fits the circumference of the cylinder. The whole exercise is to create a long bowel hat. Now the cardboard hat goes inside stocking and fixed using the fabric glue. As finishing touch, I pasted the white felt strip on to the red hat. You can use ribbon to tie the hat on the head while wearing it. ( I wish I had some visuals to support my instructions)

Fish in the bowl on the umbrella: I drew pattern of the the fish like one in the cat in the hat onto a soft cardboard. Traced in onto a Orange Velvet paper. If you want the fish to be 3D, you will need to trace the pattern from both side. This is a little tricky. I first made a cone and build my fish around it. I outlined it with a glossy 3d out liner and pasted eyes using a double sided foam tape. The bowl is a transparent cookie jar I had at home. I fixed the fish using Double sided tape so that it looks as if peeking from inside. This bowl was then taped onto the handle of the umbrella.

Thing 2: This was easy. I borrowed a thing 2 T-shirt from my brother and wore red track pants with them. So Easy!

This is how close I got. I hope you enjoyed this post as I much I did in making this.


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