Facilitating A Naturally Curious Child

Curiosity is the god given gift to young kids. It fuels their development, make them ask questions, explore, wonder and learn. Curious kids will continue to explore and discover throughout their lives.
I was always interested in the subject and found a great resource by Dr Perry about “Curiosity: The fuel of Development“. Based on this article I wanted to observe how the curiosity leads to learning. And how we can facilitate curiosity in Kids.

Continue to read my post about how we can facilitate curiosity through general experimentation at home.

We can facilitate this first step by making various media available to kids. By encouraging them to try and be there to support them.
The Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment
I had been reading about Vinegar and baking soda experiment at various sites. So I planned this entire observation around it.These are the material I made available to my daughter- Colored vinegar( add coloring to vinegar), baking soda , measuring spoons, some play dough cutters and medical droppers.

1) Curiosity leads to Exploration.
M: Mummy,What are we going to make today?
I asked her to find out what happens when she adds drops of vinegar onto the baking powder. I asked her to start with the smallest measuring spoon and fill in one of the cutters.

2) Exploration results in Discovery
By exploration, M finds out that by adding vinegar to baking soda, It rises into a froth.

3) Discovery results in Pleasure
She was very excited to see the bubbles rising.
M: Look Mummy! Its so pretty

4) Pleasure results in Repetition 
She wanted to try more quantity and different shapes.

5)  Repetition results in Mastery
Now she had taken charge of this experiment.

6) Mastery results in New skills
M: Mummy, What will happen if I add more?
7) New Skills result in Confidence
M: Mummy, Can I add it directly into the bowl?

She was very excited.
M: Look Mummy! What I made.

8) Self-Esteem results in Sense of Security
M: Lets make lots of bubble. maybe a boat can float on it
M: Mummy, This boat doesn’t float. Can you make a boat for me? 
I don’t know how to make a boat. But I can make an airplane for you. 

9) Security results in More Exploration

M: See Mummy! The airplane can be made into a boat by turning it around!

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