Easter Special: Rolling Egg Art

Easter is just around the corner. Although we do not celebrate it traditionally at our home. Nevertheless, I truly believe in its significance and would pass on the learning to my daughter.

Here is a stunning visual effect created by rolling eggs in a tray. We had tried the rolling marble painting but this is very different as the egg is an oval. It create a swirls and very interesting curvy lines onto the paper.

We used tempera paints, eggs, a tray and papers.

We dipped the eggs in different colors. Wow! said M and quickly took charge of the project. We used raw eggs for the project. It adds to the thrill of balancing and preventing the egg from falling!

Here are our amazing artworks.

Did you noticed the natural pattern created by rolling of egg.

And here are our Easter eggs.

So you can use this technique to either make the Easter eggs or make the color effects. Either way you choose you will end up with amazing eggs and amazing color effects.


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