Country Fair Games for Birthday Party

For my daughter’s third birthday party, I invited some of M’s friends and their mothers who are also my  good friends. So, I decided to keep a “kid with mom” party.
Everything was organized. It took the longest time to decide on the party games. What games could we keep that would interest all age groups?
“Ofcourse!” I thought, The country fair games would be so much fun for all ages.
So I was off to the market and got-
1- A large chart paper
2- A cardboard sheet
3- Small ping-pong balls

Here are my party games-

1) Pin the Tail on the Donkey
The classic game for all ages. I goggled images of donkeys until I found the perfect one. I drew it on the large chart paper. The kids were too young to “pin it” so I stick some double sided tapes on the matching tails.

For young kids we just blindfolded and ask them to stick the tail. For mothers, we spin them around and let them find the donkey to stick the tail. It was a hit!
Tip: I wrote names of players attempting the game on the tails. It really helped in shortlisting the winners.

2) Feed the Clown
The clown is drawn on a cardboard sheet and round hole is made at the clown’s mouth. At the back of the hole, I pasted the edges of the garbage bag. So, the balls get collected in the bag.  All kids get 5 ping pong balls to feed the donkey. For the moms, we increase the distance and gave them 3 balls to try feed the clown.

3) Find the matching Hearts

For this games, I got a pack of craft sheet( one which are all white at the backside). Make hearts of patterns.  Now, We cut the  hearts into two parts and randomly distribute to all guests upside down. On the count to three, all guest can see the half heart they have got and need to find the other half.


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