An Abstract Art Cardboard Box Mural

Art Note: Abstract art comes naturally on a Cardboard box as it has pre-folded creases. When flatten and spread into a mat. The child can identify shapes like squares and rectangles made by cross sections of the box. I have noticed that whenever I had given a cube to my daughter she always paints each side with different color. This is a process oriented art project we did at home today.

If you missed my recent post about 1 Box, 1Week and Many ways to play. I should give you a quick recap. We were doing Fun things with the noble box who brought us goodies from a far away land. The box which we didn’t want to throw in trash.
Day1, Day2: It was laying unnoticed in one corner.
Day3 : We made it into a matching pair puzzle.
Day 4: We carried toys around the house in the box.
Day 5: We made a Play City by spreading it flat.
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Today on Day 6, we cleared the contents of our city. Thinking of it as a large canvas, I offered some paints to M and ask her to paint anything she want. Three Natural Arty Things happened-

1) Pattern and Colors came out so naturally.

The box lids had sections from the matching puzzle that we made with it. M decides to paint the squares( made from the square sections form the puzzle box) with different colors. She was determined to color the whole mat and divided sections. Our roads from the city( made from masking tapes) made random sections too.

2) The Tape Resist

After she was done with all the squares and rectangles. We removed the masking tape to give clear edges to her squares and rectangles. We had done some experimenting with tape resist here

3) Inspiring Art by Piet Mondrian
This abstract wall mural made me think of Great works of Piet Mondrian. Piet Mondrian Painting consisted of white ground, upon which was painted a grid of vertical and horizontal black lines and the three primary colors. The
Here is a great art by Piet Mondrian

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