13 must do Garden activities this Spring!

After a long winters. It’s finally the time of the best season of the year- Spring.
Spring is knocking at our doors. Listen to its calling and move outdoor to play with your kids. These fun-filled Ideas will motivate you to go enjoy the season at indoor or outdoor garden with your kids. You will also find ideas to create your own garden from scratch. This list includes some of my ideas and some awesome ideas from around the globe. I request you to visit all the linked post and check out details of the wonderful activities.

Now just sit back and enjoy spring in your own backyards

1)  Feed the squirrels-
Feeding the squirrel or other friendly birds and animals gives children an opportunity to interact with animal world in their own backyards. It also gives parents an opportunity to raising a child who is sensitive to the animal world. We love feeding squirrels in a nearby garden. 

We usually feed them nuts and crackers. Since the squirrels have become so familiar with M, they would come and take the nuts from her hands. M chases them and they would scampered all over the place. What a fun!

2) Watch Birds and install bird feeders in your garden- House sparrows are perhaps the first bird you can remember from your childhood. Kids can help setup a bird feeder or small dishes from which birds can drink water. The bird feeder needs to be washed and refilled everyday. Once you are on it, don’t stop abruptly as birds travel a lot of distance for food. Here is a post about Discovering a bird lover in me.

3) Make a Garden Salad-
Making a garden salad is no child’s play. You have to carefully collect all ingredients, toss it, add salt (specially made from grinding mud) and serve it on a plate.

4) Go on a nature scavenger hunt- 
Grab a magnifying glass, a camera, nature journal and a tote bag for collecting things and go hunting for nature’s treasures. Explore and teach your kids about nature. You can even bring nature treasures home and look up more information about them in encyclopedias.

We discovered some pigeon eggs in our window sill last month.  We got a perfect opportunity to talk about why birds lay eggs? what comes out of them? Why pigeon gather at public places? We also found out that pigeons feed their babies with milk which comes out from a small opening near their eyes. Pigeons can also travel large distances by aligning themselves with the earth’s magnetic field.
Here is another interesting read at mamasmilesblog on science for little kids:camouflage about how a simple magnifying glass can be used to raise interest in the kids to learn and how natural concepts can be introduced to them in a play-learn way.

5) Plant some tomato seeds- 
 Tomato seeds are planted around 6-8 weeks before spring.Its one of seeds which can be easily maintained in small pots. We planted or tomato seeds in small pot on our window sill. Give your kids an hands on lesson on the plant world. Plant some seeds and let kids take care of there seedling by regular watering. You can grow herbs in your window sill or make a kitchen garden and get farm fresh vegetables at home.

6) Grow your own vegetable garden-
“If they will help grow it, they will eat it”. Here is a useful resource by Katie, Artful child  at Grow your own veggies from a seed. She has an excellent post about how kids can help in growing veggie in your own backyard and how much they enjoy eating their own grown veggies

7) Observe and investigate with kids-

Learn the scientific nature phenomenons by doing simple observatory experiments.
Katie from Artful child shares  Art of investigating through a Pea Plant experiment that can be done with kids at home.

8) Make a miniature fairy garden-

Read here at nurturestore about how to make a fairy garden from recycled natural materials.

9) Make Land Art-
 Its so much fun to create artworks from natural materials like twigs, leaves, flowers and stones. You can also make Land art by arranging natural materials into beautiful designs like this one here at PuttiPrachanda

10) Create a nature inspired artwork-

Create beautiful artwork by drawing inspiration from nature. Have a look at these beautiful Hand and fingerprints spring murals at Putti prapancha

11) Read books about nature/gardening-

Spring is the perfect time to read about books themed on growing a garden, seeds, butterfly life cycle and many other. Visit Reinacating and retelling  muncha! muncha! at Jdaneil4smom for some ideas for reenacting and retelling spring inspired books.

12) Setup a gardening area for kids at home-

Take inspiration from this patio garden  at Putti prapancha and make your own for your kids at home.

13) Bring Nature home: Set up a nature table-
Nature table consists of nature objects you have collected from the nature walks. They can be interesting roots, pebbles, leaves, flowers, seeds, feathers etc. A must visit article about  Nature Table at Mommy-labs

This is certainly not an exhaustive list of activities to do this spring. But these can certainly get you started to enjoying spring season to the fullest.
Welcome Spring!


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