Story of a Rainbow

Here is a story of a Rainbow at our dining cum art table.
Everyday we explore different media to make art. As a mother my job is to introduce different media to my daughters to explore. Our favorite activity is painting and we mostly end up doing it in our ” family time” together. Its the instant stress buster for me and a elating creative experience for my daughter.
Here is our art tool of the day: Painter’s Roller

Lesson we learned: Rainbow Color Mix
The rainbow color sequence: Singing the Barney’s rainbow song, we first squeezed the colors on the large aisle sheet.
RED is the Color of an Apple
ORANGE is the color of an Orange
YELLOW is for lemon and the wonderful SUN-  SUN-SUN
GREEN is the color of Trees and lots of things that  grow, and then theres
BLUE for the Sky and
INDIGO ( Indigo does come in the song)
VIOLET is the color for FUN-FUN-FUN

and when we put there colors side-by-side now what do you think we have done?
We made a RAINBOW and its a really beautiful ONE-ONE-ONE.

When M rolled the paints onto the sheet with the Painter’s Roller and created different rainbows.

“Mummy, Can we do this everyday?”

“Ofcourse ! sweetheart, We Can
A art lesson well executed.


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