Making Nature a part of our lives

Nature is all around us. One does not need to go into the wilderness to experience the magic of nature. Its there waiting in our backyards with mysteries and many explorations. As a child we had several opportunity to interact with nature. The family outings were usually picnics in famous gardens of Delhi. Road trip to forest reserves in Rajasthan and other neighboring states was an yearly affair. We had several open spaces around our house to explore the nature take its course through various seasons.My daughter was born in Mumbai. Amist the concrete jungle, Luckily for us we live very near to Sanjay Gandhi national Park. Recently we planned  all day camping trip in Sanjay Gandhi National Park. To start with we made a list of supplies that we will need for our fun day. It was  fun to gather stuff like a camping tent, sleeping bags, water bottles, binocular, art supplies, cricket bat and ball, food and some chalks. My daughter carefully packed our bags. She was very exciting to choose the spot for camping. We spotted a herd of deers very close to our camp site. My daughter took out her binoculars and loved to take a closer look.

My Daughter collecting the woods and making a pretend camp fire.

Our campsite for the day!

The arrangement of wood branches.

Creating masterpieces on the rocks

She drew some picture using her art kit. She  made a pretend camp fire by gathering the wooden sticks in to a pile. She also drew on the rocks with a chalk. We all felt happy and contented laying down under the trees and so close to nature. As a mother I was elated to see my daughter interact with nature. I am now looking for ways to bring nature home. This trip inspired me to  create a gardening section specially for my daughter ( in our window sill) where we will plant some tomato seedling I have saved from a very interesting campaign run by the kissan 100% sauces.


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