Little joys of parenting, 1# The random doodles

 Little Joys of parenting is about feeling the joy when your child gives a positive sign to your teaching efforts. Signs like an elated look on their faces, when you suggest a new idea. Its about the small scribbles left behind by them, when you leave a paper and a pen for them to write on. When they remember a character from the story you read to them months ago. Its when they use uncommon words to express there feeling. There are so many Awww moments in our lives that make our lives as mothers worthwhile.

In this series, I would like to share some of my little joys of parenting and hope that you can share with me yours.

Here is the first one in the series: The random doodles
I  make it a point to leave an empty sheet on her desk very night before I go to sleep. I use her old puzzle pieces as a paper weight.

And I experience my little joys of parenting when I always find beautiful doodles and creations each day. It makes my day worthwhile.

Here is a backgrounder on what I have been upto-
From past five week, I am doing an amazing e-course by Mariah Bruehl at Playful Learning. During the course, I am creating beautiful learning space in my house, thanks to my wonderful teacher. I will keep posting by before-after pics( although It needs some courage to post the before pictures!) with the available resources at home and some bought during the Sale period. Keep reading and see if it inspire you to do little changes to your learning spaces.

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