Create a private sanctuary for kids in little nooks of your home

Do you remember playing under the dining table and smallest of corners in and around your home as kids. There is something about a little nook and hidden corners which attract the kids like this little cozy spot I created in my living room by creating this passage space between the window and couch. This is her favorite spot for all her pretend play games. Sometimes, she invites us to her restaurant or at times it becomes her house. Or she can just sit peaceful and look out from the window. I occasionally add a binocular or a bird themed books which she can browse through. My future plans include a bird feeder right outside this spot where she can sit and observe the birds. As Mariah Bruehl says “Create it and they will come”.

Can you think of any cozy spot in and around your house for kids. This private sanctuary can be a comforting Me space for kids where they can play pretend and write. Rashmie at Mommy Lab shares how a tent she created at her living room became a writing nook for her daughter.

Please Share your ideas with me by linking your cozy spaces in the comment and maybe we can collaborate in create more such lovely spaces around our home for our little ones.


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