Water color fun

Today we experimented with water color and loads of papers. We started with dipping few marbles in different colors. We placed sheet of paper on dish and off we go- rotating the dish and creating circles, lines and dots.

After about 20 minutes of this creative play. M was off with a brush and the paints. She started painting clouds and came up with this beautiful blue clouds and black outlining.

 She asked me to draw a boat for her. She was talking all this while painting beach, storm, waves and soil. I was amazing with the color effect she was coming up with while talking about beaches, storm, fishes. Her story will go on till the whole boat is finally lost in storm of dark colors. I managed to save the beautiful image by asking her to continue her story in the next page!
I should have painted her ship with a oil pastel or wax crayon and added lots of water in the painting to give that watery effect. Will definitely try the same tomorrow.

It was so much fun to do it all together. Tomorrow I am planning for paint a fish for her as she is learning about sea creatures in her play school this week.

Signing off for now. Get the creative juice flowing!

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