Ocean adventure

Today I had planned to do some underwater drawing with M using the crayon resist style. This whole week, We will go by the theme -Ocean life.
I got some previous years table planners from my Office. As we sat down to draw with some oil pastels. M who is learning join the dots exercises at school, figured out the number pattern of the planner and we sat to join dots on the planner. She was instructing me to follow her.

After we got bored joining the dots, I started making fishes of various colors on a planner sheet and so M too started drawing some. She personalised it by making a “Scuba diver” which she pointed out. We then painted blue for the sea By using water colors. the result was amazing bright sea life.

You need-
Draw the fishes and sea life with crayons
Colour the entire picture with blue watercolours.

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