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This new year have brought in new ideas and new resolution. My resolution is to spend more quality time with my daughter. She has just turned three and is a very curious child. It would be fun to explore my creative dime soon with her. I am a designer by education and a homemaker, mother and a businesswoman. It is great to have a share in the each pie and all The good things in life. I am constantly browsing the net for creative and age specific activities and have subscribed to several newsletters- daily and monthly. During one of my recent searches, I came across a list of top mom creative blogs
This is very useful link and feature some of the best artful blogs.
You can also visit some of my bookmarks for amazing ideas.
1)miniature play spaces
I remember making a small jungle on a paper plate for my daughter to put her plastic miniature animals. but this link has opened a new dimension of using natural objects to give 3d spaces for kids to play with their miniature toys. Loved it! I wish we would have smilier workshop in India.

2)Homemade aquarium
Another amazing idea for give lessons in ocean life.

3) playful theatre
A make at home theatre

4) beautiful art projects

This is exciting stuff. Keep reading for more ideas like A cat in a hat homemade costume, A recycled plastic dress ups, Homemade puppets, Art resources and many fun activities.
Signing off. Happy new year

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