Best of waste: Statue of Liberty made out of Plastic waste

I made this costume for M’s School competition – Dress me up.
The entire costume is made up of Plastic packaging and Waste.

Here is a description of how to do it.

Recycle plastic. It is important to teach kids to recycle waste from a small age. Here is an attempt to inspire everyone to try to reduce, re use and recycle.


Subway salad bowl
Mc Donald pepsi Glass

Cut the plate from middle to fit into the child’s head. The edge will be sharp, so I suggest to put a sticky tape on the edges. punch a hole at both ends of the plate to tie the crown from the back. Now cut pointed triangle from the Mc Donald glass. Paste it on the edges with hot gun.

I used green acrylic spray to paint entire thing green.


A pet bottle of Pepsi.
subway throwaway glass
Round packaging
Some other colored packaging in red or orange.

cut the pet bottle from the middle. Fit in the subway Glass and fix with double sided tape and hot gun. fix the round toffee box on the top. We also used the cell operated fan inside the box to create a flame effect.

I used a large Departmental store carry bag and cut through to fit into the head. I used another Smaller carry bags to create sleeves.

Again acrylic spray to make it green.


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